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PALCCO - Exterior estatua - Guadalajara - GVI
Special Projects


Perfection was the drive for this project. From the tall walls inside, an outstanding acoustic arises. Its dimensions, depth, lightning and appearance were designed to reach the perfect balance between functionality and beautifulness, requirements for a coliseum designated for art.

PALCCO shelters music and dance academies, a conference hall, more than 12,000 m² designated for artistic expositions, and 3,627 parking spaces to provide access to visitors. Its construction took 5 years and an investment of 40 million dollars. 

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PALCCO - Interior - Guadalajara - GVI
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The building not only fulfills its original purpose but also enables the city to attract international events and position it as a forefront destination.

PALCCO - Exterior  - Guadalajara - GVI


PALCCO - arquitectura  - Guadalajara - GVI

Where the melodies of
the soul make noise.

PALCCO - arquitectura exterior  - Guadalajara - GVI

Each area is responsible for create emotions responding to different

 artistic expressions. 

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