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The Creamery: Re-adapting a 1930's building


The Complex

A unique development project is currently underway in San Antonio, Texas. Located on the north end of the River Walk, The Creamery is an ambitious project with two new retail buildings and 15,000 ft² .of public spaces.

This development is sure to be one of a kind in San Antonio!

Let’s explore the details of this project.

Adaptive Re-use

Our developers behind this complex decided to take an existing historic building and turned it into something modern yet timeless.

By keeping some elements from the original design, back when it was originally built in 1930’s, and adding modern hints, we were able to create something truly unique.

Transforming an old 15,000 ft² former milk factory into a modern and timeless space


The Creamery focuses heavily to provide living and working spaces for local professionals but doesn’t forget about everyone else interested in visiting this special place. From locals having a brand new experience while strolling by the river or tourists looking for something exciting, the Creamery has something for everyone, by creating a space that integrates living, working and leisure all together.

This complex truly stands out from other developments in San Antonio.


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