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GVI Triumphs at the 2023 Jalisco Architecture Awards

We're thrilled to share the exciting news that Gomez Vazquez International (GVI) clinched not one, not two, but three prestigious awards at the 17th edition of the Jalisco Architecture Awards, held at the historic Teatro Degollado.

A Night of Recognition

The ceremony, hosted by architect Vanessa Vielma, unfolded on October 6th, celebrating 35 years of honoring outstanding architectural achievements. Now, let's dive into the details of our well-deserved accolades:

FIRST PRIZE: Crafting Spirituality in Stone

Our founder, Architect Jose Manuel Gomez Vazquez Aldana, and CEO Juan Carlos Gomez Castellanos took the stage to receive the first prize in the Urban Design category for Religious Architecture. The award recognized our exceptional work on the Santuario Mártires de Cristo Rey in Jalisco.

This architectural marvel stands as a tribute to 25 martyrs canonized by Pope John Paul II. With innovative design and staggering geometry, the Santuario features four captivating domes, transforming into interwoven lattice arches. It goes beyond a place of worship, integrating medical centers, humanitarian activities, and communal spaces, fostering social integration. Sustainability is at its core, capturing rainwater for irrigation and incorporating clean energy sources.

In essence, the Santuario de los Mártires is a harmonious blend of tradition, architectural avant-garde, and sustainability—a beacon of hope and devotion for generations to come.

SECOND PRIZE: A Hub for Efficiency and Community

GVI, in collaboration with the Municipality of Zapopan, won in the Public Office category for the Centro Integral de Servicios de Zapopan (CISZ).

This revolutionary space streamlines citizen services, emphasizing sustainability and technology. Designed with a central park to foster community engagement, the CISZ stands as an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and technologically advanced government building.

It's not just an office space; it's a commitment to citizen-centric service and environmental responsibility.

THIRD PRIZE: Honoring a Visionary Legacy

Last but certainly not least, our founder, Jose Manuel Gomez Vazquez Aldana, received a special distinction, a tribute to his illustrious career and lasting impact on Jalisco's architectural history.

These accolades underscore GVI's commitment to excellence, innovation, and a legacy that transcends architectural boundaries. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to more groundbreaking achievements in the future!


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