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Serena by the Sea: Once again, we made it happen.

As architects, we all share a common dream – to bring our conceptual inspirations to life and create awe-inspiring structures that leave an indelible mark on the world. And that is precisely what we achieved with our remarkable project, Serena by the Sea, located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.

Serena by the sea a building in Clearwater, Florida. Recently built by GVI Gomez Vazquez International.
Serena By the Sea Render

We think strategically, we design artistically

The story of Serena by the Sea began with a simple concept on a sketch pad that evolved into a grand vision - a stylish, modern, luxurious seafront condominium in an idyllic location.

Sketch of Serena by the sea a building in Clearwater, Florida. Recently built by GVI Gomez Vazquez International an architectural firm in Mexico.

From the very beginning this project was different. It wasn't just about creating a building; it was about weaving a story, tapping into emotions, and crafting an experience that would be unique and enchanting. And so, our team worked their magic, bringing the developers' vision to life at every step.

From sketches to 3D models to extensive consultations with contractors and engineers, the vision of Serena by the Sea took shape, and the excitement levels kept rising. But the challenges of executing such a project were equally daunting. The team had to keep in mind the strict building codes and specific zoning requirements of the area, all while keeping the client’s expectations at the forefront.

Emotional Power

Despite these challenges, the team at Gomez Vazquez International persevered, and the vision of Serena by the Sea gradually became a reality. After years of hard work and dedication, the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the glittering shores of Clearwater, where luxury met reality. The event was attended by renowned architects, developers, and industry leaders. Attendees were then taken on a tour of the property to get a closer look at the excellence of Serena by the Sea.

Designed with a coastal-inspired aesthetic in mind, guests marveled at the unique design, the incredible views, and the many amenities that Serena by the Sea had to offer. The tour concluded with a cocktail evening, where guests enjoyed a breathtaking sunset. The grand ribbon-cutting ceremony was not just an event; it was an experience. The architecture, the location, and the celebration of this project will be remembered for a long time.

We make it happen

Today, Serena by the Sea stands as a testament to the power of imagination and execution - a true masterpiece in the world of architecture. As architects we all crave that moment of pure satisfaction - when we see our vision come to life, and our dreams turn into something real and tangible.

Render of the pool area at "Serena by the sea" a building in Clearwater, Florida. Recently built by "GVI, Gomez Vazquez International" an architectural firm from Mexico.

From concept to reality, it’s been a remarkable journey, and one that we are immensely proud of. We hope that the story of Serena by the Sea inspires all of you to push the boundaries of your imagination.


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