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7001 Burnet Road: The Power of Design Unleashed

We are thrilled to announce that 7001 Burnet Road, our exceptional mixed-use project in Texas, has earned a prestigious Americas Property Award 2023. Let's explore how the power of design played a pivotal role in its success.

A Transformation Beyond the Brief

What began as a straightforward project, a 70,000 sq ft office building with retail spaces and a parking garage, evolved into a complex and captivating endeavor.

The final design seamlessly integrates open-plan offices, exterior corridors, restaurants overlooking a communal garden, a convertible parking garage, and a stunning rooftop terrace housing pickleball courts, an outdoor cinema, and an open bar with breathtaking views of downtown Austin.

Mid-Century Industrial Influence

Inspired by mid-century American industrial buildings, particularly the work of architect Albert Kahn, our design embraced simplicity in volumetric structures and the use of raw materials like brick, concrete, and stone. The client's vision for a contemporary approach to office and commercial spaces further shaped the aesthetics and spatial arrangement.

Cluster of Timeless Structures

The approved scheme consists of three distinct buildings: the "factory," the "concrete nest," and the "glass pavilion." Connected by a wide corridor and facing the existing corner courtyard, these structures were conceptualized as if built separately over time, adding a unique dimension to the architectural narrative.

Sustainable Design Choices

Beyond aesthetics, sustainability was at the forefront of our design decisions. The parking garage, clad with pre-cast concrete panels featuring triangular openings, not only provides a contemporary appearance but also contributes to energy efficiency. Simple materials like CMU blocks, modular brick, D'Hanis brick, stone panels, and foam insulation were strategically used to enhance thermal efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Environmental Harmony

The positioning of buildings and overall massing were carefully considered to protect against thermal gain. Placing the office building to the north, utilizing large trees as a sun shield, and incorporating wide corridors to block direct sunlight showcase our commitment to environmentally friendly design decisions.

GVI's approach goes beyond aesthetics, creating spaces that harmonize with the environment, enhance the user experience, and set new benchmarks for sustainable architecture.

7001 Burnet Road is not just a structure; it's a testament to the power of design.


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