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GVI Triumphs at GRI Awards Mexico 2023 with Luxia Justo Sierra

In the heart of Guadalajara, where the pulse of city life meets the tranquility of a private oasis, GVI's Luxia Justo Sierra has not only redefined urban living but has also garnered acclaim at the prestigious GRI Awards Mexico 2023.

Celebrating Excellence Beyond Measure

The GRI Awards Mexico 2023, presented by GRI Club, stand as a testament to recognizing leaders in the real estate market who transcend excellence throughout the year. This distinguished accolade aims to celebrate and honor developers, investors, and key players contributing significantly to real estate expansion in Mexico.

The Symphony of Urban Living

Luxia Justo Sierra, our luxurious 12-story tower featuring 63 meticulously designed apartments, emerged as a beacon of architectural brilliance in the construction, architecture, and design category. The project seamlessly marries modern and elegant design with its urban surroundings, providing residents with a serene haven amidst the vibrant city life.

Each of the 63 apartments spread across 12 levels boasts meticulous design and premium finishes, tailored to meet the individual needs of its residents. Luxia Justo Sierra is more than just a residential project; it's a symphony of urban living, harmonizing with the ethos of the city while providing a tranquil retreat from its hustle and bustle.

Voted and Verified Excellence

The recognition at GRI Awards Mexico 2023 came after a thorough process of open and carefully supervised voting to ensure the credibility of the results. Luxia Justo Sierra emerged as a winner through its exceptional design, quality construction, and positive impact on ESG values.

In conclusion, GVI takes pride in receiving the GRI Award for Luxia Justo Sierra. This accolade not only acknowledges our commitment to architectural excellence but also reinforces our dedication to creating spaces that redefine urban living. Luxia Justo Sierra stands as a testament to our vision – a perfect blend of modern luxury and serene urban living.

As we continue to push boundaries, GVI remains at the forefront of innovative and transformative architectural design


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